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Puzzle Kingdom-uncle bear

4.0 ( 2720 ratings )
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Forfatter: BieMore Co., Ltd.

Hey, friends, come and have a wonderful puzzle with uncle bear!

There are lovely animals, buzzing aircraft, many kinds color and numbers, as well as delicious vegetables and fruits!

Variety of puzzles gathered here, thousands of exquisite patterns to accompany you!
Remember patterns, flip correct, to experience the fun of memory.

Travel in puzzle kingdom, full of fun!

Pick your favorite scenes
Like the animal world? Or prefer the plants and flowers in the nature?
Either way, Uncle Bear puzzle kingdom has all interesting things. Come to pick up your favorite puzzles and explore a variety of combinations!

Find the new world
Flip play, explore to spell the amazing things! See, small car comes out!
Learn English and Chinese with Uncle Bear. There are many secrets for you to explore~

Explore the mysteries of life
Strive to explore the various scenes, spell out a space station in universe. Put a small cow in the farm.
Look! 26 letters is playing the hide and seek, quickly find them all! Uncle Bear will help you in time!

Game Feature
1. Exploratory play, let the children get a sense of accomplishment in the game.
2. Flip play, more attractive to the childrens attention.
3. More than 100 pieces of puzzle patterns.
4. New content constantly updated, let children know more things!

1. New play, train children hands-on ability.
2. More than 100 kinds of objects, improve childrens knowledge.
3. Many types of pictures, cultivate childrens cognition.

About Us
"Uncle Bear Kids" brand, is committed to the development of childrens education applications, and strive to create the perfect virtual little partners for the children.
The company has released 30 more products and owns more than 30 million users around the world.
Please rate our games and leave feedback to help us improve our products, services and the team itself.